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How to beat slot machines?

Slots strategy : how to beat slot machines

It is a well known fact that the house always wins, or there would be no casinos. However, as I mentionned in the article about Expected Value (EV), there are a handful of games in which you can actually have a positive expectation. Positive expectation means that while gambling, on average you should win money instead of lose.

As mentioned in that article, the games in which this is true are poker, sportsbetting, blackjack (with card counting), and games with a jackpot such as progressive slot machines. This article deals with slot machines, and will give you strategy on how to beat slot machines. It is quite simple. With easy math you can win at slow machines. Read on.

Slot machines strategy

Progressive slots are one of the very few games in a casino in which you can beat the house. While I whole heartedly encourage you to play for fun, it is also fun to know that the odds can be in our favour. How? It involves Expected Value (EV), which is a very useful mathematical tool used by professional gamblers. That is why I encourage you to read that article first if you haven’t already.

In very simple terms, how would you evaluate if a game can be profitable? You would find out your odds of winning, and subtract your odds of losing. Slot machines are a very special case because your odds of losing are stable, while your odds of winning can vary greatly. It varies because of the size of jackpots in progressive slots. Our very simple slot strategy involves this variation.

If you’ve ever played online or at a casino, you may have seen a game in which the progressive jackpot was just won. Instinctively, you may have thought that it was no longer worth it playing on that slot machine. You were right. When the progressive jackpot starts, the expected value (EV) is at its minimum: when you play, you’re losing money. But as the progressive jackpot rises, your EV gets better and better, until at one point it becomes positive. At that point, every single coin you put in has a positive value: it becomes an investment and you can win at slot machines! Hence why it is the best slot machine strategy.

Look at these progressive jackpot tickers to some of online casinos’ biggest jackpots: Mega Moolah, Millionaires Club and Major Millions.

I’m using those 3 as examples since they make us dream, but it is valid with mostly all progressive jackpots. Take Mega Moolah up here. As of writing this article, it sits at 5,700,000 dollars, making it a very positive investment! The odds are actually in your favour, making it a favourable and easy slot strategy.

For Mega Moolah, you can expect Expected Value to become positive when it reaches around 3 millions. For Millionaires Club to have a positive return, it needs to be above 800,000 dollars. As for Major Millions, it’s positive at around 250,000.

As I said before, this simple progressive slot machine strategy works with all jackpot games, including the lower coinage ones. Here’s an easy trick. Simply find out what the basic jackpot is and when the progressive ticker brings it to 3x what it started at, start playing. For example, if your favourite game’s jackpot starts at 1,000 euros or dollars, wait until the progressive jackpot is up to 3,000 and then start playing avidly. It is worth it and it is the best slot strategy.

Play with a smile

Now let’s be clear, the odds of winning the massive 5 millions progressive jackpots are slim. On the other hand, we can play and have fun while knowing that it is money spent positively and not at a loss. You can smile knowing it isn’t money thrown out the window, you actually have positive odds while playing!

So, if you like slots, use this slot machine strategy with no shame and open an account at your favourite casino. You can click on one of the progressive jackpot tickers to go there directly. They are all online casinos recommended by Forum Casinos.